Good info on GTD?

GTD search

One of the great things of internet is the enormous amount of information. One of the drawbacks of internet is that within a multitude of information it is often impossible to find good quality info on specific subjects.

There is no doubt about the fact that GTD is really hot on the Internet. There are many many websites writing about it. There are als many many fora dedicated to GTD.  So I started an GTD oriented search engine based on Google Coop.

The goal of this search engine is that only ‘official’ high quality content GTD sites are added to the engine. For now there are only three in the index: GTD Times, 43 Folders and of course David Allen’s site.  So if you have a specific question and want only results from trusted GTD sources, just type it in the appropriate box on the right.

If you know good quality sites with information on GTD please add them in the comments of this entry. You can also hop to the GTD search engine by clicking here.