Productive Magazine #2 is out!

Just a short post to point you to a great magazine about Productivity. It is a free pdf download. It covers great topics and it looks very professional. In this latest issue you can read about:

  • The art of saying No
  • How to optimize your life and claim a couple of hours a week back
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Mind-mapping
  • Working in groups

I highly recommend it.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Tot hier en nu verder

This afternoon I had the privilege to attend a workshop of Marshall Goldsmith in Dauphine in Amsterdam. In a few weeks his book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” will be available in Dutch.

One of the points he stressed is that we should pay more attention to behaviors that we should stop instead of telling our selfs what we should do. We should stop wanting to win all the time, telling the world how smart we really are. Also he pointed out that we should stop passing judgment.

More than 60% of interpersonal communication is spent on people talking how smart, competent or good they are and people talking about how stupid, inept or bad someone else is. What a waste. In a lively workshop we worked on feedforward in stead of feedback.

What really struck me was the simplicity of his statement that behavioral change should focus on just 1 single behavior to change. If you just become a better listener, so many things would improve in your life. Changing behaviors can be daunting because of great pressure it can bring to your life. But just by breaking it down to one single step can bring relief.

He challenged us to pick just one thing that we would like to see changed in our behavior. What would you like to see changed in your behavior?

You can pick up the Dutch version here. English version here.

Trying to be productive isn’t all there is in life.

During one of the summer camps I went to as a teenager I once heard a talk from one of the leaders about life and success. His point was this: it is very important to regularly check the road you are traveling in life.

He said: “If you are climbing the ladder of life, it is very sad to realize at the top that the ladder was placed against the wrong wall.” Since then I have heard more people using the same metaphor.

During a preparation for one of my presentations on productivity and success in life I stumbled upon a little commercial that has the same idea behind it. This short video may help you ponder a bit on the road you are currently traveling in life.

You can do everything in the right manner but that’s not a guarantee for success in life.