Secrets of dynamic communication (Thomas Nelson, 2013)



Speaking is one of the things I enjoy. I love to share the things that I have learned before a group of people. I love the interaction and the look on faces when they really grasp what I am trying to clarify. Good and helpful books on speaking are rare. Largely this has to do with the fact that we are talking about speaking and not about writing. I have been willing to go to the SCORRE conference for quite some time. The problem is that I am in Europe and the conference is in the US. In fact going to the conference is on my Someday / Maybe list. Now that I have read the book I understand even more why people are so excited about this conference.

When I heard about this new book by Ken Davis about communication and more specific about the SCORRE method also thaught at the SCORRE conference I was reluctant to pick it up. Because I couldn’t imagine that presenting a complete method for crafting a speech, lecture or any talk would fit in a book. Wrong!

The acronym SCORRE stands for Subject Central Theme Objective Rationale Resources Evaluation. It is the basis for developing any talk. It all starts with a subject that you need to narrow to a central theme. In one simple sentence (objective) you write down the very purpose of your talk. To make the talk really powerful you need a logical framework (rationale) and resources to bring light, color and clarity to the talk. Evaluation means that throughout the proces you need to constantly evaluate to make sure you are on the right track.

Ken Davis has succeeded in writing a practical, fun to read book on communication. It provides clear steps from start to beginning for crafting and delivering talks. It has helped me take my public speaking to the next level.

This book provides you with:
– A solid methodological approach to prepare and deliver talks;
– Practical steps to take to enhance your public speaking;
– Tips and tricks to help in the various stages of public speaking;

This book will stay on my iPad as an ebook. In reading it once I gained a better insight in what is at stake when you try to communicate something. Over time I will refer back to it for concrete helpful ideas and tips when I am preparing my next talk.

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