#iPadOnly: the first real post-PC book

Let me begin by quoting from the book Michael Sliwinski and Augusto Pinaud wrote about their journey using only their iPad.

“The goal is to inspire you to challenge your habits, question your workflows and take a look at how you work on your computer from a different perspective.”

In short: the authors have succeeded in this goal. They have challenged my habits, questioned my workflow and they have given me an insight in working with the iPad that has proven valuable. Within days I experienced new ways to use the iPad. I have used the iPad since the day it became available. I have been thinking about trying an iPad only approach but wasn’t sure it would work out. After reading this book I will definitely try it for the next month.

After two 4 hours of working #iPadOnly I already have found a couple of tasks that I cannot do on the iPad. In my GTD system I have created a new context, @Macbook, for those tasks I need my MacBook Pro for. But several other tasks I considered not doable have been working out smoothly with less distraction.

If you want to get more out of your iPad this book is definitely worth reading. If you really want to try out the iPadOnly approach this book is a very good start. But just at the authors say you will need to figure out how your workflows work on the iPad. I really like the honest approach Michael and Augusto have chosen in writing this book. For some it may be too far fetched but they are hitting a nerve. I sure hope they will update the book regularly because they will find more uses for the #iPadOnly way of using your iPad. I think I will.

The link in the title of this post is to the Amazon Kindle version. If you want to buy the iPad iBooks version you may use this link.



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  • http://www.simoons.com Peter Simoons

    Interesting book, I just downloaded it. However not the version that is in your link for the Kindle, felt that a bit ironic. So downloaded the special iPad version which is much richer on the iPad than the Kindle version. After all, where else to read this book than on the iPad?
    Here is the link to the iPad version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/ipadonly.-first-real-post/id669550769?mt=11

  • Fokke

    Thanks Peter. I added the link you provided in the post as well. I also read it in the iPad version but without the videos.