My name is Fokke Kooistra. I live in Almere, the Netherlands. I am married to Anneke and together we take care of our 5 lovely children.

I love reading about productivity and teaching others to be more productive. It is my intention to write short practical blog entries about being productive in life. I enjoy finding out new tips, tricks and ways to enjoy life to the fullest.

For now this blog is maintained in my spare time. In the various aspects of life I try to coach people in finding out what they like most and helping them to find ways to achieve their goals. I hope this blog will help you in your work and personal life.

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  • http://www.connaitreDieu.ch Stéphane Wyss

    Hello Fokke,
    how are you? I came several times on your blog, but didn’t see any news…
    I found some very interesstings things on it. Thanks for sharing.

    Be blessed,

  • peter

    hoi fokke
    heb je ontmoet op de boxplan cursus
    heb blog ontdekt
    zal het eens doorspitten

  • Bart van Hattem

    Dag Fokke !

    Ik heb ‘m gevonden !
    Dank je wel en ik ga het volgende week rustig bestuderen !
    Heel erg bedankt !
    Fijne feestdagen !

  • Paula

    Hi Fokke,
    I am with Blogging Your Passion University as a member. Thought I would visit your blog and say hello. No feedback, just saying hi and dropping by. Trying to get engaged in the BYPU and followthrough with my intentions. Congrats on six years in the blogosphere.


  • Fokke

    Thanks for stopping by. And for your kind words.