Two shortcut keys that will speed up the use of Evernote for Mac


Here is just a quick tip for users of the Mac version of Evernote (version 5.0 and above): they added two shortcut keys that have been on my wishlist for years.

Control – Command + M = Move a note to a notebook of choice. Pressing this key combo will give you a list of notebooks to choose from. There is also a small search box. So if you want to move a note to the General Reference notebook just start typing “Ge” in the search box and the General Reference notebook will be selected. Hit enter and the note will be moved to that notebook.

Command + J = Go to notebook. Brilliant for quick navigation to your notebooks. Even shared notebooks are included in the popup that shows up when you press this key combination. In this case the search box is also available.

Especially processing all new notes in the Default Notebook (In GTD terminology the Inbox) is much easier this way.

Just try it out and let me know if it works for you!


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  • Enyonam

    Interesting and helpful.

    Any ideas of a 1-click navigation to another the notebook from a note you’re viewing in a search would be great.

  • Fokke

    Thanks! Don’t know if I understand the question 100% but moving a note from a search to another notebook is possible with the same shortcut key. The Ctrl-Command-M also works when viewing a note. Hope this answers your question, if not please send in another comment.