The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley


My first encounter with Andy Stanley was through his Podcast series called “Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast“. I listen to podcasts a lot during my commute to and from work. In one of those podcasts he spoke about the Principle of the Path and it struck a chord with me. So reading the book was a logical next step.  
In his book Andy leads the readers by painting some powerful and not all that common stories from the Bible right to the wisdom of the Principle of the Path.

The key idea that I got from the book: Direction – not intention – determines your destination. And it’s a big one if you dare to consider it serioulsy enough as I did. People are full of good intentions but they will bring you nowhere. Only steps in the direction will get you somewhere. I am full of good intentions both in my personal as work life. It takes courage to take steps towards your goals in stead of sticking to the intentions you have.

This principle affects your health, finances, carreer, literally all aspects of life are affected. One of the thought provoking quotes from the book: “Submission – not talent, information, or insight – is the key to good decisions“. Ultimately in the view of Andy Stanley this means submission to the will of God. And allthough I agree with him on this point I dare to say that even for people who don’t believe in God or aren’t religious there is truth in what he says about good decisions.

It is foolish for a person to seriously believe that all knowledge is already in his posession. Good decisions are made when you have tapped into as much knowledge and advice you can get, and submit to it. Or, to willingly go in the direction that is pointed out by the combined information and knowledge you have gathered.

This book is not a book to be read once. It is a book you may need to reread every time you need some advice and direction, because a big decision is to be made. I do read it every know and then, just to stay focused in times of big decisions.


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