Great inspirational short movie

Someone pointed me to this short movie. If you need some inspiration for 2009, just take 15 minutes to view it and lets make 2009 a better year for all…

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  • Cip

    Thanks for this. This movie made me smile… a LOT.

  • Andrei

    Just…. GREAT!!! :)

  • meki

    Great video and a great way to meet you my friend!

  • waveydavie

    Just what I needed! :-)
    Why aren’t you twittering @fokkekooistra?

  • Fokke

    @waveydavie On Twitter I am known as @kiddokay. I also have registered @fokkekooistra but don’t use it.

  • Tim Stringer

    My coach sent me a link to this video a couple of weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A related video that’s equally good is:


  • Dennis A Rafael

    This is just what I wanted for my training sessions on emotional issues. This clip speaks everything I want to says. Thanks for this. It touched me deeply.

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  • Ed Peterson

    Awesome post as always, thanks for writing all this helpful stuff on a regular basis.

  • justin

    Awesome..thanks a lot,your posting make me smile

  • mitcoivanov

    6 more featured movies for boosting productivity –